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How many housemates does it take to change a lightbulb?
I took these from the DS message board, they're the best of a fairly good lot..

They're not strictly answers to the lightbulb question, but you'll get the idea..

Shabaz - "I wasn't changing a bulb, I was having a theatrical moment"
Bonnie: "So it's dark, do I look bothered."
Grace: "There was nothing wrong with the old lightbulb. People just didn't get it."
Glyn: "It might not need chan...ging, the sheep just might be a li...ttle bit tired on the tread...mill."
Lea: "I ain't fooking changing for fooking no-one, babe."
Imogen: banned from changing it
Sam: "Oh, I'll do it, lightbulbs are amazing, I collect them, I'm ecclectic."
Lightbulb: "There's no problem with me, I've just had a bad edit. I was off for a moment; now everyone assumes I can't do shiny."