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I think one of the reasons that I quite like this year's Big Brother is that, for once, I can actually see aspects of people I know in the housemates.. The relevance to reality allows me to get into the "what would happen if all these people I knew met" type mindset.. Might as well say what I think of people, it's been a couple of weeks now..

Richard - Reminds me a lot of Darryn from my old workplace in Brighton.. Similar mannerisms, kind of similar personality.. I'm really not sure if he's sneaky or not, which bothers me. On the face of it, I really like him, but different people at different times have said that he's playing a game, which seems to be backed up by him telling Pete the other night to confront Lisa. Pete stays clear of any confrontation, so encouraging him to start some might be an attempt to harm his reputation. Though it was sound advice, nonetheless..

Lisa - Reminds me of Vicky from aforementioned place of work. Immature, common-as-****, loud, annoying, northern.. Drives me up the wall.. I think the word "rough" sums her up perfectly, and I don't think I have a kind word to say about her..

Lea - Reminds me of my ex-girlfriend Rachel, only the "..gone wrong" version. Still, every now and again she looks similar enough that it really creeps me out.. No wonder she's one of my least favourites.. Frankly, as far as I'm concerned, she's a monster, in oh so many ways. The comedy breasts are possibly the most hideous deformity I've ever seen - worse than the person with two faces on their head. And the fact that she can be so wrong about who to trust just makes me lose all sympathy for her. I think I'd like to see her evicted ASAP..

Nikki - Puts me in mind of my old flatmate Mice, in the whole self-absorbed, whiny, short, annoying type way.. Also reminds me of the Internet in general, and Martyn in particular, with her insistance on saying words like "evar". Still, I think she adds true comedy value to the house, and it would be a shame to lose her.. I'd vote for Sam, but it's probably better if I just bet that Nikki will go - I made a few quid on Sezer's eviction, so I may as well.. I've put £3 on her to be the one to go, which will win me £16.50 if I'm right.. and if I'm wrong, then at least we won't have lost a source of comedy :o)

Imogen - As stated, at times reminds me very strongly of my old flatmate Rachael, at others she reminds me of Naomi (though she's unlikely to thank me for the comparison).. Interesting that having found out how hated Grace is in the outside world, she still hasn't changed the way in which she behaves.. It was the same after Sezer's eviction, she seems intent on 'being herself' without ever considering that that's not such a great thing..

Grace - puts me in mind of this girl Michelle that I went to school with.. mostly something about her looks - as people they're very different. For starters, Michelle studied Further Maths for a-level.. can't really imagine Grace doing that somehow.. Oh, and Michelle wasn't evil incarnate. Still, you have to kind of admire Grace - she's only picked up two nominations from actual fellow housemates thus far, and yet has been behind some of the worst of what's happened in the house. She's like Makosi, only without the fake pregnancy (yet).

Mikey - Doesn't remind me of anybody, because I don't think I've ever met anybody quite so dull.. Though that's not necessarily a bad thing. He seems to be fairly straightforward, calls 'em like he sees 'em, and doesn't get involved in the really bad stuff. Though an absence of bad does not necessarily make one good..

Glyn doesn't remind me of anybody, possibly because I don't know people who act as young as he does.. though I have to say, the other night when he started singing Mae Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau, I couldn't help but sing along.. As time passes, I think he becomes more and more my favourite to win.. He seems to be a lot brighter than he comes across, and is quite good at explaining himself in the diary room (i.e., letting the 'audience' in on his motives for various things)..

Aisleyne has grown on me.. When I first saw her, she pretty much matched the description of somebody I would never want to meet in real life.. Far too made up, in a really unpleasant way. And then seeing her without any makeup on at all just made it worse - here's somebody who looks bad when she's trying and when she's not. However, since then she's found a happy medium, and looks quite good.. Certainly as time goes on, the others in the house make themselves look less and less attractive through displays of their personalities, so she looks better from a relative point of view. I'd like to see her do well..

Hmm.. I started writing this about a week ago, so bits are probably out of date.. oh well..


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