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This was written yesterday sometime, but I forgot..
Well that was fun!

I saw some people playing Frisbee in the park, and figured I may as well see if I could have a go.. it's been such a long time..

Fortunately for me, I'm a little out of practice, and the disc wasn't the correct weight (the only disc recognised in Ultimate Frisbee is, of course, a 175g Ultrastar, which this was not).. So I wasn't as good as I wanted to be, which probably meant that I didn't come across as quite as much of a showoff cnut as I actually am ;o)

Still, I was a little disappointed.. It was only a little more than three years ago that I was playing in the Beach Frisbee World Cup, but I've not really thrown a disc around more than a couple of times in the last year.. Evidently frisbee skills degrade with time, though I was still fairly good with the old catching (the only ones I dropped were because I misjudged the momentum of the (lighter) disc).
Ah well, weekend tomorrow!


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