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I'd thought my Welsh was coming along okay, but now I feel like maybe Mae Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau was deliberately written to be easy for non-Welsh speakers to learn or something.. Which might explain why it's more popular than Cwm Rhondda.. Compare and contrast the following key lines:

From the national anthem:
"Gwlad beirdd a chantorion en wogion o fri"
"Tra mor yn fur i'r bur hoff bau"
1.2 syllables per word on average, 39% of letters are English vowels

From Cwm Rhondda:
"Ef uwchlaw gwrthrychau'r byd"
"Dyma'r llywydd ar y mor"
1.6 syllables per word on average, 20% of letters are English vowels

Obviously I picked those lines to prove a point, but nevertheless, the whole thing is so much harder to learn.. And I'm torn really - on the one hand, I really want to learn Welsh.. In Big Brother last night, Glyn and Imogen were speaking Welsh to each other, and I really wished I could understand it.. Every now and again words jumped out at me, like Ysgol, Dim or Cymraeg, but that's about it.. I'd just like to be able to understand, speaking it isn't really an issue because I don't know anybody that I'd speak it to..

I know a few things.. platform announcements at stations are a doddle, I know that Milford Haven is Aberdaugledau for example, that the trênau to that gorsaf leave from platfform pedwar, and if there's an announcement that tells me the train is late, or is departing from another platform, I tend to understand it.. I know enough to navigate my way around a Welsh ATM - I usually require 'arian yn unig'. But there's so much left that I haven't a clue about..

Then again, my priority for the next three months really ought to be Portuguese.. If I can do bits of French, German, Italian and Spanish then I don't see why Portuguese should be too hard.. Just need to find a good Portuguese song to get me into it :o)

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Mae 'na lawer o adnoddau ar lein os wyt ti am wella dy Gymraeg. Mae blogio yn y Gymraeg yn helpu, hefyd ;-)

(There're loads of online resources if you want ti improve your Welsh. Bloggin in W helps, to.)

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