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Roo know what?
This whole Wayne Rooney thing is wearing exceptionally thin.. It's as if people think he represents England's only hope of winning anything, in spite of significant evidence to the contrary..

But more than that, I just don't like him.. He's an unstable ugly thug, and his inclusion in the squad makes it feel much less like *my* England. Of course, my England still has Peter Shilton in goal, so I'm willing to concede that nostalgia is holding me back.. Still, Wayne Rooney's very existence is one of the reasons I'd love to see the USA crash England out of the tournament..

I had been rather hoping that his injury was serious, but then that would just mean that when England finally go out, people will just say it's because he's not there.. Ideal solution is that he goes, plays like shit, assaults somebody, and gets a lifetime ban.. I think that would suit me just fine..

Too far? Nah.....

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Don't worry. I'm sure that, when Germany knocks England out in the second round, Lehmann will rip Rooney's head off.

Of course, my England still has Peter Shilton in goal

Your England is A Good England.

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