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Big Brother never ceases to perplex me.. But that's probably because I'm not like the other boys..

I'm just not sure that I understand the role of 'promo girls' in Big Brother. Are we supposed to find them attractive? I think it was Chantelle last year that started this confusion for me - apparently, so long as a girl has straightened long blonde hair and an okay figure, she automatically becomes attractive. Because here was a girl who was not in any way appealing, either on a visual or intellectual level. Her most endearing qualities seemed to be that she was 'cute' and naive, which apparently wins hearts these days even in the absence of any other redeeming characteristics.

And now this year we have "Aisleyne". Now apparently this is pronounced "ashleen", though if you look closely, it is two words - "aisle" and "yne", a suffix denoting the existence of a triple bond in an alkyne hydrocarbon. Which means that surely it's pronounced in the same way that "eyeline" is. She follows the same basic configuration as Chantelle - she has straight blonde hair, and.. well.. that's pretty much it.. To be honest, I tend to look for much more, looks-wise..

On the other hand, there's Imogen, who yesterday looked remarkably like fredtheguava (who is also a Miss Wales, of sorts).. I'm ready to concede that there's not all that much to her, in light of an absence of any real personality over the last two weeks, coupled with the revelation that her intelligence test results put her at the bottom of the ranking (along with Nikki and Lisa - if ever there was a bad club to be a member of..). Nevertheless, she remains physically the most beautiful housemate to have ever been on the show, in the way that beautiful used to mean before the tabloids got hold of it.

It's odd though.. sometimes she reminds me of Rachael, others she reminds me of Naomi, and other times she reminds me of people who actually look nothing like her.. I wouldn't be entirely surprised if she was engineered in a lab somewhere. But the thing is, even though I think she's really pretty, I still don't want to see her naked. Like I said, I'm not like other boys.. The same goes for Natalie Portman and Laura Fraser, who are probably the two other famous-type people that I quite like.

I don't know exactly what it is.. part of it will be that I'm somewhat old-fashioned, and think that beauty is about how somebody's face looks, and how their personality affects your perception of them, and not about the 'hot bod' that they're sporting. If they haven't got a nice face, then no matter how good the body is, it doesn't matter. And if they've got a nice face, then the body is irrelevant too. Naomi tends not to understand why I think this way.. :o)

The other thing is that naked pictures of celebrities fall into two categories - pictures they want you to see, and pictures they don't. For example, shots of celebrities sunbathing nude fall into the latter category, and to be honest I have more respect for these people than to attempt to find such pictures. I don't want to see Natalie Portman topless, because she doesn't want me to (though I'm sure if I asked nicely....). Alternatively, sometimes celebrities strip off for magazines, papers, etc.. But the very fact that they do these things tends to make me judge them (unfairly), which in turn means I'd rather not see the pictures and retain my original impressions of these people. I'm aware that looking down on others for getting publicly nude is proof that I judge people by standards to which I cannot myself live up to. It's just one of those things...

So in the absence of a desire to perv over them, and a reluctance to acknowledge any acts of consensual nudity, I tend not to be overly concerned over how people I like on TV look naked. As such, I find it hard to fathom the point of Big Brother contestants like Eyeline, whose entire appeal seems to come from the fact that she's the most obvious looking bimbo imaginable. I'm secretly hoping that she does something that restores my faith in humanity, and forces me to reconsider my preconceptions, but I won't hold my breath..

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If they haven't got a nice face, then no matter how good the body is, it doesn't matter.

I agree. Sorry.

Just about that bit, or about the nekkid celebrities too? :o)

The nekkidness too.

Must be a genetic abnormality :o(

I'm even worse. If their whole appearance doesn't work for me, I'm not interested, no matter how much of a hot body they have. If they're wearing a pair of jeans I don't like, it may well be over :)

And Miss Wales. I'd never thought of it like that. I like.

And Miss Wales. I'd never thought of it like that. I like.

I was well chuffed after coming up with that.. :o)





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