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Wedding Day Nerves
I just had a very long, very detailed dream about marrying Naomi.. It covered such things as the catering, flowers, floor plan.. I spent a good portion of it working out my vows.. Spent yet more time trying to organise getting the family ready.. And all the while, we were getting closer and closer to the big event..

I don't know exactly where we were, but we were by the sea and it was sunny.. With only a few hours to go, we needed to find somewhere to shower, but the only nearby house was full of Big Brother contestants.. We walked into a bathroom where Imogen and Sezer were in the bath together, and I immediately walked out, explaining that I didn't want to see another girl's breasts on my wedding day..

Then it was time to get ready, with thirty minutes to go.. More last minute work on vows, along with realising that there were things I wanted to have with me on my wedding day that I didn't have.. And there was far more detail and organising than that.. Oh, the stress..

But you know what, the overriding feeling was that of excitement and anticipation, and that's what I'm left feeling now I'm awake. It certainly falls into the "good dream" category :D

So, feeling all loved-up and happy about the future, the thought occurs that the lady in question is lying next to me, sleeping.. So I'll stop tapping this out on my phone, roll over, put my arms around her and go back to sleep happy :o)

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awwwwwww! that is so cute! i just "met" you so i dont know your relationship...but from what i can tell..i hope i find a relationship like yours!

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