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(no subject)
I'm not trying to be controversial, but still..


"Before Pope Benedict's visit, some Jewish groups hadsaid a German Pope speaking the language of the Nazis would insult thememory of the million Jews murdered there."

Trust the Jews (as a collective of vocal organisations, rather than as individuals) to oppress the honest, Christian Germans and try to impose their own ideas of how things should be done. Did they learn no lessons from the Holocaust?

I mean honestly, "the language of the Nazis" indeed.. it's not the language of the Nazis, it's the language of the f'king Germans, which is not the same thing. And quite why the Pope should be ashamed of his own language, or why he should try to hide it, I really don't know. The Jews do not have, and have never had, a monopoly on persecution and suffering, and it's not up to them to decide what language other people should speak.

We gave them Israel, can't they just be happy with that and shut the fuck up?

(please note: when I say 'Jews', I don't mean individuals.. I like Jewish individuals very much, so much so that I don't think of them as 'Jewish individuals', but rather 'individuals'. It's not an issue. What is an issue is the Israeli government, and various Jewish groups who go around thinking that the Holocaust is a blank cheque for sympathy that they can cash whenever they feel like it. You learn your lessons and you move on. You don't demonise a language (and by extension an entire people) for things that happened sixty years ago. It's not as if Germany is the only country to ever have blood on its hands).

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My real issue is the fact an ex-member of the hitler youth managed to become pope. Does explain his certain facist tendencies I suppose

Hardly. Membership of the Hitler Youth was compulsory from 1936 onwards, every teenager in Germany at the time was a member. It's no big deal.

That does sound ridiculous. Were they fringe Jewish groups, or a much bigger organisation?

Was reading a little while back about this Canadian holocaust denier in his mid sixties who got extradited to somewhere in Europe to go to prison. And as much as holocaust denial is ridiculous, it seemed such a waste of time and money just to send this pension age crank to prison in a foreign country...

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