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Trash TV..
So, Big Brother.. I really don't get what other people are seeing, to be honest.. For some reason everybody loves Pete, because he (apparently) looks good in a wig, and is just "beautiful". I'm left wondering whether these are the same people who think that Donnie Darko is beautiful, or that think true feeling comes from cutting yourself or something.. It really is baffling.. Yeah, he seems like an interesting person, and he seems like a nice lad, but looks-wise he's nothing special.. I'd be tempted to think it's some sort of extremist knee-jerk reaction to his 'disability', from people who value diversity for diversity's sake.. I just don't see the big deal..

Then there's all the people that think the show will die without Shazbot there to keep it alive.. These idiots surface every year, proclaiming that the departure of X signals an end to the entertainment value of the show, and they're invariably wrong.. In this case, he stifled the other personalities in the house, and actually kept the whole thing quite boring.. He kept the peace by uniting everybody against him.. I'm quite looking forward to finding out how things end up once that element has gone, and where loyalties really lie..

And finally, Nikki.. I'm starting to warm to her after last night - she's actually self aware enough to realise what sort of person she is, and seems to want to change that.. This can only be a good thing, and it's quite sweet really..

So, for eviction, it would have to be "Bonna". Everybody complains that she's too quiet, but as far as I'm concerned she isn't quiet enough.. I prefer the voices of Jade Goody and Nadia to hers, and that's really saying something.. She sounds like she's perpetually on the edge of vomiting or something.. Sezer ftw just because some of the things he does remind me of me (only a cooler version), he has good taste in women, and it would be too much to hope that Imogen could win..

Oh well, another year hooked on Big Brother..

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hi! i found you in "Ask me anything", thought you looked interesting based on your response and well thought id read your journal. your journal proved my hypothesis, so i am adding you. if youd like to add me back you can, mine is friends only, just comment with something and ill add you too

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