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Hmm, I have to wonder how much the company would pay for certain things..

For example, if I do nothing else today, then the company has paid approximately £110 for my time, and for that money they've got an additional 11,000 valid e-mail addresses.. At a cost of 1p per new valid address, that's probably actually worth it to tha bank..

Of course, that's really a hypothetical point, since I have a meeting from 11:00 until 12:30, and then a load of stuff to do this afternoon.. but still, it's always interesting to see how much time and money actually goes into the stuff I do..

Naturally, I'm fighting a losing battle anyway.. yesterday I received bounce notifications on 130,000 addresses, so the 11k that I've been able to recover today really doesn't help much. But it's still a start - that's an additional 2k marketable customers, which is always rather nice..

And the methodology is fairly simple.. I went to the customer database and pulled out all the records where we've marked that the customer's e-mail address is invalid. Then I matched the domains of their addresses against the list of domains of valid addresses - the logic being that if a domain appears in the list of bounces and does not appear in the list of successes, then the domain itself has been typo'd..

Low and behold, thousands upon thousands of mistyped domains.. becomes,,, etc.. There were also plenty of variations on Tiscali, NTLWorld, BTOpenWorld etc. too. So I played a find and replace game (for I have l33t queries that can do that) on the customer database, and now I have several thousand additional e-mail addresses to send mail to..

It's been a productive day.. And now - meetings..


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