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The prostitute who rings your family..
So, we went to see The Da Vinci Code on Friday, and I must say it was very good.. Speaking as somebody who has never read the book, I don't think the plot was at all confusing, and from where I was sitting the screenplay seemed to be very well written.. My only issue was that every now and again there was a touch too much exposition, which is perfectly understandable when you're condensing a book into a movie.. I suggest everybody goes to see it.

Big Brother appears to be back, with a rather mixed selection of housemates.. This selection includes two of the most wretched creatures I've ever seen on television, which is the source of much head-slapping.. First of all, you have Nikki, who unless I'm mistaken has a thick Essex accent. But she also thinks she's upper class, so she tries to talk as she imagines a posh person might. Sadly, the effort of being polysyllabic is too much for her tiny brain, so there are telling pauses between every other word as she tries to keep her roots in check. Thus far, she's broken down at the thought of imbibing tap water (leading to a screaming fit - one has to wonder just how much of an easy ride she was expecting), and got into a hissy fit because Big Brother wouldn't give her her expensive makeup remover - apparently the thought of going to bed in her makeup is abominable..

And then there's the other one.. I'm finding it difficult not to call him Shazbot (if you don't get the reference, don't ask).. He's single handedly reinforcing every negative stereotype that exists for gay men, and creating some new ones for good measure. He's possibly the worst example of the species I've ever seen, and seems completely incapable of interacting with others on any normal level.. Diagnosed or not, this man has a serious personality disorder.

But then this is what the show is about - polarising opinions of people. I'm just concerned that two awful people might find some sort of fame and success as a result of this show. They are sociological contaminants, who must never breed and ideally should not be allowed out in public in case people start to become more like them..

Still, it's not all bad.. I'm having my faith in the Welsh restored, which is no bad thing since I am one of them.. It's even making me want to learn more Welsh again, on top of my existing knowledge that stretches to announcing which platform a train is arriving at, and the chorus of the national anthem.. Glyn took a while to grow on me - at first, from the way he spoke I mistook him for the idiots I have to put up with in Cardiff.. Upon twigging that Welsh is his first language and English his second, all is forgiven. I guess I still have some national pride left after all.. As for Imogen, I have to like her because there's always a chance that she has a dog called Rothco who is a lawyer. Feel free to miss that reference. But yes, the name in itself is cool.. The fact that she's the most attractive Big Brother housemate to date is a bonus. It also helps that she seems like a nice person, which is rare enough. But it's mostly the Rothco thing..

As for the others, we'll have to see.. It's fairly obvious who is most likely to pull a Nadia this year, though I hope victory is based on more than a sympathy vote.. There's also Dan and Lesley clones in there for good measure..

Oh well, goodbye life :o)

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Having read the book, I can honestly say it's not too bad.
Haven't seen the movie yet though.
I heard the ending was different somehow.

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