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(no subject)
Why is it that the most fun things in this world tend to be illegal?


I would love to get my hands on that.. Just imagine, a database storing both phone numbers in a call, plus the time and duration.. You could apply weightings to the length of calls, the frequency of calls between two numbers, and the particular times of day at which they occur in order to score relationships between two phone numbers. You could loosely define person to person relationships (in both directions), and construct elaborate social networking data using that.

Add some demographics, and it'd be a really interesting research tool, if one wanted to actually look at the sociology of social networks as they relate to phone calls.. Maybe I'm the only one who'd actually care..

Though that said, in a brief return to ethics, it's all still very very wrong of them to have collected this data.. I know this quote is overused, but still:

"Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety"

But hey, he was just the guy who invented electricity, and signed both the declaration of independence and the US constitution.. What does he know?

Anyway, speaking of phone numbers, I've just built a database of 4m customers we can send text messages to.. roll on marketing!