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As they say on the Internet, "i r teh faemus"..
Can you please give a call as soon as you can today?

xxxxx at iLine told me about your fantastic idea and its success. We wanted to use it as an example, with your permission, to promote iLine in our area.

Many thanks

xxxxx xxxxx
Senior Manager, Corporate Banking
So yes, apparently my picture is going on posters, asking "How many Jameseseses are there in the company?" or words to that effect.. the general idea is to encourage staff in Corporate Banking to submit suggestions through the idea recognition scheme, in the hope of winning fabulous riches, or getting to go to conferences in swanky hotels, or just encouraging them to be more like me - let that thought sink in for a second... Scary, isn't it? I gave him a soundbite about how winning the award gave me job satisfaction, which hasn't worn off in the two years since.. It's all kind of neat really, though the idea of my picture being on posters elsewhere in the company is rather weird.. I hope I don't look like too much of a muppet :o\

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Do your infamous Thinking Pose.

It's an existing picture of me, I'm trying to get hold of a copy now to find out what it actually looks like..

James Webley, corporate tool ;)

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