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Ugh, it's too early..
At the station now.. I had a really weird dream last night, that seems to have been sent as some sort of test of character or something.. I'm pretty sure that I passed too, though my alarm woke me up before any awards were handed out.. But yeah, that's left me feeling ever so slightly odd..

I think I'm going to have to stop watching Scrubs. The show has collapsed into the least funny thing on TV, except for possibly The Simpsons. Last week's episode didn't make me laugh once, and this week's was funny in a couple of places, but the rest was re-using old scripts.. I think they were trying to go for a deja vu theme, but it failed miserably, and just felt like the show was so proud of its (mediocre) jokes the first time 'round that they wanted to tell them all over again.

Work is fun lately.. Lots going on, and lots of stuff I can get involved in.. As an aside, on my phone if I type 'in..' predictive text converts it to 'ho..' - I don't know why. Maybe it knows that I shouldn't have ended my sentence on a preposition (I think), because I should have said "In which I can get involved".. Either way, that's not the phone's call to make (did you see what I did there?)

Anyway, my train should be along in a minute.. I've been joined on the platform by a couple of beautiful wood pigeons, which has put a smile on my face.. I like to see good omens everywhere, it leaves me chipper :o)

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"Chipper"?!! Right, that's it. No more Buffy for you.

I say chipper, it's a word I use, it's not from Buffy.. Observe:

See, I said I was feeling chipper then.. Ah, memories - my first week at uni :o)

I have never once heard you use the word...And the fact that you gave me an example from 2000 doesn't really help your case...Wasn't Season 3 shown in 1999/2000? ;o)

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I said that's what I think they were going for. I know they said it a number of times, but I wasn't getting it. Deja Vu doesn't mean just repeating the same jokes over and over, in exactly the same way.

Do you suppose they ran out of budget to pay for new comedy? It would explain the last couple of episodes, and the fact that most of the jokes this time were 'borrowed' from past episodes..

The more I think about it, the more it makes sense.. Scrubs can't afford Funny any more..

(Deleted comment)
No, nothing in that episode was clever. The only "cleverness" is what's perceived by the self-congratulatory fans when they spot the small references. There were a few less obvious ones in there, and I could feel that they were just trying to make fans feel smug for noticing them..

I honestly don't think I'll download it any more.. this season has been such a disappointment.

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