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Fucking Daily Mail
Oh those cuntrags make me angry.. The person in front of me on the train is reading it, and I just saw some points that need addressing..

When banks make £3bn in profits, that doesn't come from consumers. In our case, it came from our Wholesale, International and Business banking divisions.. Our UK Retail Banking division contributed very little to the bottom line, and did marginally better than breaking even.. We're not making our billions off regular bank customers..

Secondly, any company that stops trying to make money kills their share price, and gets taken over by a company that does want to make money.. You can't win by telling companies to make less profit - it doesn't work like that..

Ultimately, prices are set by market forces.. If the Mail (or anybody else) thinks charges are too high, they should open their own bank.. They can call it Cuntleycard, and see how long they stay in business without trying to make money off people..

It just pisses me off when people complain about companies making profits - this is a necessary component of the economy, and the basis of everything we expect out of western civilisation - technology, entertainment, financial services... This is how the world works, and it's a stable state.

So, in closing, the Daily Mail can fuck right off. They're pandering to the opinions of people who don't know what they're on about, and preserving the ignorance of the masses by playing along.

Banks don't make their billions by charging customers for fucking up, they make them in divisions unrelated to consumer banking. The fuckup charges pay for the losses we incur when customers *really* fuck up and go bankrupt. We either charge customers who mess up, or we charge everybody. The money to cover the bad debt has to come from somewhere..

Bring on the futile arguments..

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I'm closing my account in disgust.

Disgust at what, exactly? Which bank do you think does things better? :oP

And you need somewhere to be paid... :o)

Oh, you poor little banker. I prescribe a large dose of perspective.

You're a fine one to talk about perspective, you workshy bum!

What you miss is that they've started a 'campaign' to end 'illegal fees' at banks, not realising that these fees pay for the running of the accounts. No fees mean charging customers other ways instead, and the customers never win.

It just bothers me when newspapers fail to see the big picture (which is that the fees are actually necessary, and that banks don't make vast amounts of money off the average consumer), and pander to idiots.

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