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Excuse me sir..?
I am left endlessly annoyed by the idiots (maroons, one might call them) who set up their stall in the station and try to sell me health insurance.

For starters, I would imagine that they have a license to do it - therefore somebody has actually *sold* them the right to pester me, and made money off that fact.. This bothers me straight off - I'm a firm believer in good marketing, and pissing people off all day doesn't fall into that category..

The main reason, though, is that they're there every bloody day, yelling "Hey you, excuse me, come here a second". I really should go over to them and ask if I can interest them in a free subscription to "My Fist: Daily", available to them free of charge.. Or just try to sell them a bank account..

Anyway, off to work I go.. I meant to check the news this morning to see if that knob jockey David Blaine managed to put himself into a coma, or better yet, died while embarrassingly shitting himself or something.. After all, what use are choices without consequences?

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He fucked it. Passed out two minutes short of the record and got fished out. And his skin fell off because he'd been in water too long. Tosser.

Not sure how it is there (you ARE in England, right? or am I getting wires crossed again?) but here you need a state-issued license to even TRY to sell insurance, which in this state costs $75 for a six-month "temporary agent" license.

I'm starting to think that I should re-think my career choice. I really don't want my income based on how much frigging insurance I managed to weasel into poeple's lives.

So when are the banks going to get off their collective behinds and implement chip and pin in their cashpoints, then?

When it becomes economically viable to do so.

Not every card is enabled with a chip yet, and until they are there is no merit in converting the ATM network, because one could just damage a chip and fall back to the magstripe. A lengthy parallel process is not required, because the user interface will remain the same from the customer point of view.

Ultimately, when all cards are chipped and all retailers have migrated over to C&P authentication, the decision will be made to stop using the magstripe, and at that point the ATMs will be converted en masse. But while non-chipped cards still exist, and while certain retailers are still swiping cards, there wouldn't be any significant benefits, because the ATMs would still have to support the insecure magstripe technology anyway.

So no let up for card fraud well into the forseeable future, then.

What do you mean by "no let up"? From what I understand, at least part of the network is C&P enabled.. Fraud levels are down, all the figures support that. There will never be an end to card fraud, the entire thing is an arms race of fraudulent techniques versus counter-measures. But things are continuously improving, and while it's the bank that's footing the bill for fraud, why should it matter to consumers either way?

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