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Them were the days..
Some among you may remember the online quizzes I made some time ago.. I've found the images that went into the proof-of-concept test that we built..

Awesome :D

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jeesuschrist, I actually looked at that top picture completely unaware it is me.. was me, for a couple of seconds until I read the text :) ew, monster.

I remember the first time you posted that university picture. Or maybe it was another time you put it up in a photo entry, I don't know. Aw :)


Well, y'know, as a camwhore you can't be expected to recognise every single picture of you out there ;o)

And I really like the uni picture.. it's one of only a couple in existence where I'm actually smiling :o)

Just to clarify, the worst parts of the drunken antics didn't actually happen until we'd moved from the wetherspoons to another pub :p

Those memories are safely repressed, though the phrase "Star and Garter" springs to mind with a scream...

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