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Excuse me, you appear to be on fire..
This company seems to take an awfully polite view of fire drills.. There was supposed to be one today - I know this because we were warned a couple of months ago, in order to prevent us from scheduling any important meetings. Which was helpful, and enabled me to plan around the period of lost productivity..

However, it's raining today. And some people are doing something in the area in which we would ordinarily assemble. So no fire drill - it'd just be too much hassle..

I just wonder, in the event of an actual fire, if we would be evacuated.. Or would they just not bother, to save us the trouble?

I haven't seen this much blatant disregard for the safety of others since the evil Robert 'Evil is Coming' Robinson evilly blew up the plane with evil in Neighbours!

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What happens if there's a fire during an important meeting? Chaos, I tell you. Probably Robert's idea...

This might be a good opportunity to adopt Zim's point of view on the whole situation.

GIR: "You're on fire!"
ZIM: "Am I?" *looks at himself, then shrugs* "Oh well."

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