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I know I was semi-slating us the other week, but that's because I work for the bank, so I'm allowed.. The Torygraph, on the other hand, is staffed by idiots:

1. "Customers are paid interest straight away on their cheques"
2. "But interest is really low, so it doesn't help"
3. "On an unrelated note, they charge 30% for unauthorised overdrafts and almost 20% on authorised ones and get charged £30 for going overdrawn"

What they're failing to notice is that customers who pay in a cheque stop paying overdraft interest on any amount that cheque covers.. So that 30% we're charging - that becomes zero if there's an uncleared cheque to cover the amount. So suddenly we're paying the equivalent of 30% on the uncleared cheques - not f'king bad when you look at it that way, is it? And they won't get charged if they go into their overdraft while there are uncleared funds that would cover the amount.

And that's the main point - not the 0.1% interest on credit amounts, which nobody cares about. It's the people who are being charged that need help, and this initiative helps them.

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Most likely an inside job by whoever built Shell's in-house C&P system.. These things happen, you learn from them and move on..

They don't say how exactly the money was obtained later, but in theory if the machine reads the chip and takes in the PIN, then there's a fair bit you could do with it.

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