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Fuck yes..
I have been misinformed, but I shan't complain.. See, the weather forecast told me we'd have thunder storms here, so I brought my coat with me.. Turns out, it's lovely weather today (so far), and I probably need not have bothered..

But who cares? It's 23 degrees out here, the sun is shining, and the breeze is warm.. It's summer, finally, and I couldn't be more cheerful about it.. In fact, I think we're at that pivotal point were the air outside is warmer than the office, which is always kinda neat..

Granted, I don't have a beach to celebrate on, but I have plenty of rivers, which will do for now.. The sunlight glinting on the water, might as well be by the sea :o)

All in all, I feel pretty damn good :D

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It's summer, finally

yea itz sooOOooOOOoo overdew!!~

You try living in a basement in Cardiff for months of cold rain :oP

My beach beats your rubbish river estuaries hands down. The water's even quite warm due to the cooling water outflow from two nuclear power stations...

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