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'o rly', as they allegedly say on MySpace..

Customers who consistently breach BT's download limits (BT Broadband Option 1 costs £17.99 a month and comes with a 2 gig limit, Option 2 is £22.99 and 6 gig, Option 3 is £26.99 and 20 gig) can expect to be charged £1 for each additional gig used.

I can see the flaw right there. Sign up for Option 1, and even if you use 6gb, you'll only be paying £4 extra per month, which makes it £21.99, a whole pound less than Option 2 (and an even better saving if you don't use up to that limit). Option 2 therefore becomes utterly redundant.

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They do that in the scottish version of Co-op up here and I hate it. Why should I buy a 48 pack of weetabix when two packets of 24 clocks in a 15p less?

Grumble grumble...

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