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Well well well....
It really is getting late now, isn't it.... 1:25am. It's almost enough to make you sleepy. But not quite. Anyhow, early night tomorrow. Aiming to hit the sack at 9:30pm latest (sorry Chris, this means no party). Perhaps I ought to unfold my makeshift bed soon, just in case I'm about to pass out - I'll fling myself in the general direction, and hope I don't smash my head on the bookcase just by it. To be honest, I'm skeptical about whether that course of action would help, or kill me. I'm not in a suitably depressed mood to risk finding out, either.

Well, nobody is online any more. Except David. But he's always online, mostly, so that's OK. Plus, he doesn't count any more. I talk to him all the time, so it's not like a case of "David is online, I guess I could talk to him". More like "David is online, thus I am talking to him". And my ICQ list is rather bare - only Tiff, Charles, Mitchy (who won't be there) and Dale (who is away, even if I did have the desire to talk to the snetter...). Oh well. I'm now bored with reading other peoples' journals. While it's certainly amusing to just look up random UKers and read the journals, there's little feel of context. I'd have to read back several pages probably just to get a feel for the characters involved, and to be frank, my attention span renders even TV commercials boring. Wouldn't catch me spending time looking over journals (although websites of said people are a different matter...)

As far as I can tell it's dark outside. However, given another 3 hours or so, it will start to grow light. Well, everywhere but here, which will take a further 2 hours because of those stupid hills.... I'm torn between being normal as ever (if you can call it that), which involves just staying in and going to bed, or just being wild, which involves prancing naked through the woods invoking lots of weirdo Pagan things that I hardly believe in anyway.... There's something that bugs me. People who say "Merry met" and "Blessed be". What happened to "Hello"? Christians rarely come up to me and say "Jesus thinks it's a nice day"... I can't even remember the last time a Jew came up to me and said some random hebrew by way of greeting me. So why do other Pagans insist on polluting their language with such crap?

While I'm in a ranting mood, I'd like to attack a few more things. Firstly, David Lees. No, I will not watch whatever is on television at 2:05am. According to every source I have, BBC1 will not be showing anything during that time. Most likely, I will be either staring at a blank screen, or a funny girl playing noughts and crosses with a doll. David (my David), quit worrying about your photo. The one you have now looks fine (although not much like you), and the one with Emily is not awful. Now you've opened the picture file, seen Emily, and said she's pretty. You fool! You didn't need to be doing that.... Oh well.

I think that's all my whining and ranting over now, at least for another little while. I've added another 3 hours of songs to my MP3 playlist (including James, The Corrs, and Bloodhound Gang). That should lend a bit more variety to my dreams (whose theme right now seems to be meeting pop and rock stars who perform songs for me)

Disclaimer: I'm allowed to bitch about Pagans, and all aspects of Witchcraft. I am one, so it's within the rules or something. It's certainly not a form of discrimination - that would be daft, discriminating against myself. Just so you're all clear... I'm also allowed to bitch about David Lees, because he knows that I find his Peter Thomas and Television related information both informative and witty. And I'm allowed to bitch about David, because he's David, and I'm James. It's probably in the rule book somewhere...


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