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Don't make me laugh..

"They come here and swamp our social services"

Ha! What social services exactly? Without Social Security numbers, how much do you think immigrants can take from a system that offers so little in the first place?

In other amusing news..

Article was posted to the site at midnight last night, and registration closed at 8am this morning. Bit late there really.. still, I wouldn't have entered anyway, unless there was a VBA category somewhere.. which is unlikely :o)

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Just seen this post- registration opened at 8am yesterday morning, so you still have three weeks in which to register. :)
I think it's aimed more at C coders- Google aren't that gay.

Ah, so it is..

"Tuesday, May 23"

I only read up to "Tuesday, May 2" and stopped.. didn't feel there was any need to go further ;o)

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