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Righty Ho...
I'm off into Brighton now, to buy the alcohol for Alex's party tonight. Alex wants Rum, James wants Beer, and all the other people will just have to make do. I, myself, will just stick to cola :o)

Um, I'd explain what I've done so far today, but since I've only slept, there's not much to describe :o)

Had a dream, which featured a certain somebody, which was nice :o)

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Have you met David Lees yet?

No, but I know approximately where he lives - should I wish to, I could go knocking on doors or something...

On the other hand, I might not want to meet him - while hilarious online, I would hate to destroy that illusion :o)

Fair enough I guess. One cannot destroy the illusion that is David Lees.

Maybe you should meet him, but don a bag of kinds to shade your eyes from his presence.

Or something.

He lives near London Road BR - tomorrow I might pay him a visit, pretending to be Peter Thomas' grossly overweight twin brother, Sanjay err Paul...


Do so - I shall come along too in a Peter Thomas mask.

Had a dream, which featured a certain somebody, which was nice

BA Barackas?

I pity the fool! :)

"You ain't gettin' me in no areoplane, foo'!"

"Lets drug him."

"I love it when a plan comes together."

Wrong gender, and wrong side of 30 :o)

Closer..... :o)


Who chopped off Kits goolies? Has he noticed?

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