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Ah yes, we're good.. :o)

Unlike certain others....

That said, looking at the article..

"Marie Benton, of the Down's Syndrome Association, said: 'This case is appalling. Essentially, an adult with learning difficulties has exactly the same right as everybody else and we should not be hearing of cases like this.'"

That's all well and good right up until there's an overdraft facility on the account, or a credit card is offered.. Suddenly, you've let a disabled person get into debt, which is an automatic telling off for 'irresponsible lending', and even more bad press. So I feel kind of bad for Barclays, because you really can't win if you're a bank.. There's always somebody waiting to have a go, no matter what course of action you take..

And finally..

".. her 18-year-old daughter [..] Mrs Rusher, 61, said .."

*counts on fingers*

So 61 - 18.. I'm not holding the timing of the parents responsible per se, but it doesn't take a genius to work out a likely cause for the daughter's Down's Syndrome..


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