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This should be interesting..
Writing journal entries while walking is not the easiest thing to do.. Fortunately, I know the route to the station like the back of my hand.. If that assertion proves ironic, I'll let you know..

I must say, I'm really loving my new job.. Today, I built the database that's going to manage our SMS marketing.. I managed to put it all together in eight tables and six views, which I don't think is too bad.. Right now it's my favourite baby, since it's way better than the stuff I was coding last week..

But the main thing about this new job is the people I work with.. If I want to build a highly relational database, they know what I mean.. In contrast to what I did in Brighton and, to an extent, what I did in my old job, ease of use is no longer the main consideration.

In the past, I've always had to consider my target audience, and make sure the level of complexity was appropriate. Now, because of the technical experience of my colleagues, I don't have to make things overly simple. They can be as complicated as I want, so long as they're done correctly. This makes me happy :o)

I think today has been one of my most productive yet, and the results speak for themselves. I've migrated everything we previously had on Text Message Marketing to my new database, including the external feeds we get.. Now it's just a case of getting to use it all.. :o)

It's always nice to have a job you love.. :o)

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Congratulations on the yayness of the new job.

Typing while walking is very impressive. I think I'd mangle all my words, or topple headfirst into a fountain.

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