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Funny really..
I can't think why I didn't start spamming my journal via my mobile phone earlier.. Much better way of actually keeping some sort of record of what I do with my life (albeit at the most trivial level).

Right now, for instance, I'm off to the shops.. Quite why I even consider going outdoors in Cardiff around pub closing time, I have no idea.. Except that I'm hazardously low on toilet paper, and the worst case scenario is slightly less appealing than wandering amidst the locals of Cardiff..

Tomorrow may involve some Frisbee, subject to other people attending.. Last time I tried to go, nobody was there due to holidays.. Still, I had a nice walk in the park, which is something I guess :o)

Oh, and I just love when the ATM (predictive text suggested 'bum' there) tells me I have insufficient funds.. I mean of course I do - my money exists in the ether between it leaving my salary account and hitting my debit card account.. Good job I always carry a Plan B on me..

Anyway, this is drivel.. Not that I have a problem with that, but my limited grasp of road safety tells me that I should be paying more attention to the lunatics in cars than to me phone.. If I could end this post in some comedic way to suggest to the reader that I've been mown down, I would.. Sadly, I don't know quite how to express that in text.. So that's that joke ruined..

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Did you know that ATM is an anagram of TMA? Amazing it's taken this much beer to realise that...

They're both an anagram of MAT. Coincidence? I think not..

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