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We Sell Lies
More painfully sloppy reporting from the BBC..

Early in the article, they say:

"A Labour spokeswoman said: 'So what? We won the election.' She added Mrs Blair had visited more than 50 seats."

And they then go on to later say:

"But a Labour spokeswoman said: 'So what? Mrs Blair worked fantastically hard during the election and visited more than 50 constituencies during the campaign. She is enormously popular with the party and, don't forget, we won the election.' "

Words fail me right now.. I mean honestly, what qualifications do you have to have in order to write this drivel? In the first instance, they give the impression that none of it matters, because Labour won the election. They make the spokeswoman sound like a triumphant end-justifies-the-means person, who added as a side note the fact that Mrs Blair did a bit of work too.

In the second instance, the justification offered is that she worked hard during the election. In fact, it's the election win that's added as a side note.

I just think it's rather poor of the BBC to misrepresent the statement originally without noting that it had been abridged - makes you wonder how much else they misreport..

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I dare say that every quote you've ever seen in any news article anywhere was abridged if not made up.

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