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This is how you *don't* touch people..
In light of my ramblings yesterday, I have decided that if one rejects an e-mail is spam and deletes it, then it has been 'enjunked' - up until now I had been using 'junked' as the verb, but on reflection that's clearly wrong.. Similarly, one cannot 'trash' something - however, they can entrash it.. I think these are valid made up words..

Yesterday was somewhat tedious.. I was on a refresher course on SQL, to remind me of the training I took six months ago. For most of the people there, they hadn't used it much so it was probably quite useful for them. I, on the other hand, have been coding all day, every day, for the past six months (and before). Would you believe, being re-taught how to create database tables gets a bit boring after you've been creating your own databases for a while..

On my way to work now, a little late, but that's the consequence of combining a lie-in with the unreliability of trains around here.. The later I aim to get to work, the worse the trains are.. For every hour of lie-in, there's likely a half hour train delay..

But I kind of needed it this morning.. I was up until late sorting out the flat for when Naomi comes home tomorrow (for which I can't wait). It's almost done, too, after this evening the place should be pretty awesome.. I have South African food, plus a load of groceries that are arriving tonight, so I'm hoping it'll be a nice welcome :o)

Anyway, I should have a nap now, as is my custom on the train :o)

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Don't use "groceries" like that. Urgh.

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