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I feel like I live on an island..
A train has derailed somewhere in the area of the tunnel between Wales and England.. Which rather harms my ability to get to work.. Apparently I need to change trains later for a road service to get there.. Great..

I can't help but frown upon the advertising methods that our local Creation uses.. For those who don't know, Creation is a venue for the worst people in society to play Conception Roulette with each other, and dance to terrible music. Naturally, when I used to go, it was because I happen to like terrible music, and not because I wished to mate with Brighton's chav underclass..

In any case, the advertising outside is poorly misleading. It shows group of attractive people, usually girls, enjoying a fun night out on the town. I'd like to call bullshit on that one: for starters, there are fewer than ten attractive girls in Cardiff, and if I'm not mistaken they're probably all imported from elsewhere. Attractive people are massively outnumbered by toothless people here.. Secondly, this is Creation - if it's anything like the one in Brighton, it is more likely to represent a cross section at the lower end of the spectrum..

I suppose the one that bothers me the most is the Tatu-inspired picture, showing two attractive girls dressed in the attire one would associate with a formal adolescent education. In the picture, one is smiling, while the other has her hand suggestively on the first girl's chest, and is kissing her on the cheek. To my mind, this is bad on several levels.. The odds of there being two attractive women at that club are remote, and surely it doesn't help if they're not into men anyway..

Generally, it really is the most blatant and low brow advertising there is.. But it should be pointed out that I don't really care - I'm just trying to find *something* to keep my mind busy while I'm stuck at Newport waiting for a bus..

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ah Cardiff Creation.
You know, two years ago, Creation was THE place to be on a Monday night, due to the lack of a decent Union night. I recall the playlist well... Bon Jovi, Chesney, you know the score.
But yeah it's a raging pisshole.

Yes indeed, the very same music that I used to dance to at the Creation in Brighton..

The only way I found I could tolerate the people, though, was to go with enough friends that I could use them as a sort of human shield, to keep the scum away..

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