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It's weird, I now feel like my journal is that little bit more my own, even though I'm still posting everything in public anyway.. Revamped friends list, revamped interests list.. None of it has any actual effect on anything, but that's not really the point..

It's certainly an interesting application for a first person computer game - mapping out spatial awareness in a highly controlled environment, with a repeatable experiment. Incidentally, 'spatial' feels really wrong, and ought to be 'spacial' in my book. However, I am (un)reliably informed by MS Word that the spelling with a C is invalid, in spite of my instincts.

That said, I'm seeing a lot of wrong words lately.. For instance, such concepts as "roflcopter", which is painfully incorrect. The joke is "lolocopter", which is funny because the consonants resemble "helicopter".. Note the repeated L sound. This is not as present in the 'rofl..' version, though I'll concede that different approaches to pronunciation will yield different results. In fact, 'rofl..' does not lend itself well to any replacements, due to the semi-syllable that the 'fl' represents. The only usage I can imagine at this point is 'roflerskates', which I think is probably better than 'lollerskates' from a technical point of view, but still doesn't sound as good. So be warned - use of the word "roflcopter" will not be tolerated.

And from Internet slang to e-mail - at the tail end of last week I sent out 42,036 e-mails, which was neat. This week I'll be sending out about 50,000 of the things. The only person I know on here who might actually receive such e-mails is TMA, and I'm reasonably sure that he's not going to be included in either mailing.. Still, I'm sure it's the thought that counts.. Thus far working for 'One to One Marketing' is more fun than working for 'Insight for Community Banks and Remote Channels', though that may just be because everything is new, and the department is more easily abbreviated.

Anyway, if I can send out 100k e-mails a week, I'm sure I can get around to writing more rubbish later.. :o)

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I've TOTALLY outspammed you ;o)

I was pushing through 80-90k a DAY at a point in the last week. And yes it feels like peddling filth :oP

I hate marketing.

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