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Hi Ho..
You know it's a good start to the day when you can feel the sun on the back of your neck on the way to work.. It's felt so much like Spring lately, and that's one reason I'm glad I'm not in Brighton... For the past few years I've never really felt the changing seasons, because it was always so mild by the sea.. There were really just two identifiable seasons - when it's warm enough for everybody to be wearing practically nothing, and when it's not.

Here, on the other hand, Winter was *freezing*, and Spring brings blossom, and flowers, and sunny mornings.. And what's more, you can feel that summer is just around the corner, and there are few things more uplifting than that..

... One of those things, however, would be waking up next to the person you love.. It's when they're not there that you notice it the most - waking up this morning (after less than four hours of sleep - no idea how I can be so cheerful) was somewhat rubbish, in spite of the weather.. It's funny how much you get used to someone being there, and rather sucky when they're not.. Still, only four more such mornings.. Actually, three more - I keep forgetting that it's Tuesday.. God bless Bank Holidays (which, given that this one commemorates the resurrection of his son, presumably he does).


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