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(no subject)
Ugh, I really should be asleep by now, but it's kind of difficult..

One of my reflex reactions is that, if it feels like something is under my foot, I lift my foot up so as not to crush it. Probably comes from having a cat that likes to run down the stairs with you..

In any case, this reflex doesn't work so well if you overbalance, put a foot out to steady yourself, and then that foot feels like it's coming down on something.. the instinctive reaction is to raise the foot up again, which does nothing to help the overbalancing situation.

Fortunately, I managed to stay on my feet, but in doing so twisted something in my back.. Now my entire left side hurts, including (weirdly) my arm.. This makes sleeping slightly difficult, but hey, at least I stayed vertical..

I seem to be having a really old day today.. I'm only 24, I shouldn't be feeling quite so ancient yet, surely... :o\