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The End of an Easter
Ugh, work tomorrow.. Not that I mind - actually, I'm rather looking forward to getting stuck back into my new job again - thus far it's been good fun.

Still, the last few days have been pretty awesome.. It being Easter, I've had four days off work, which in itself feels like quite a nice long holiday. I should remember to take long weekends more often, it gives me more than enough rest time..

So anyhow, like last year, I spent Easter with Naomi and her family.. and where last year this meant meeting her immediate family properly for the first time, this year it meant meeting her paternal grandparents. It's funny that even now, after more than fourteen months, I can still feel really nervous about things like that. Still, the good news is that that's almost it.. I've now met her parents, brother, paternal grandparents, maternal grandfather, peers from university.. The last big hurdle is meeting her old school friends (of which there are five main ones)..

We were going to see her friends at the weekend, but that failed to happen due to a 21st birthday party, so maybe next time.. it's just funny to think that as far as family goes, I've met the lot.. And rather nice to realise that, to the best of my knowledge, I get along well with all of them.. It's probably the best I've gotten along with potential in-laws ever, which is quite a promising sign.. As for the girl in question, I think it goes without saying that things are awesome. That whole "absence makes the heart grow fonder" thing is actually true - who knew? :o)

So on Friday, we went to the New Forest, which was neat.. I've not been there in many many years, and I don't really remember it in any case.. I certainly didn't remember quite how many horses there were, they were everywhere! And the foals, aww, they were so cute.. I took some pictures, but they were only on my phone, so they're not really good enough to stick on the Internet.. ooh, and I saw deer, which I barely ever see in the wild, which was cool.. And at the end of it all, we had fish and chips on the beach, which is something that I'd never gotten around to doing before (what with not really liking chip-shop chips, even though I lived in Brighton...)

And speaking of Brighton, on Saturday we went to see Naomi's grandparents there, which was cool.. It's actually really weird, they're so obviously a different generation to my grandparents.. They use mobile phones, digital cameras, computers, e-mail.. All very modern.. I dunno, it's just not something I was expecting, I suppose. They're lovely people, and it was really nice to be able to talk about Brighton to people, the pier, the football stadium, I dunno.. I've missed the place, so it was nice to have somebody to talk to about it all.. We went on a drive and saw my old flat - cue nostalgia :o)

time passes

Right, I've now finished preparing my food for tomorrow.. I'm having my Dad over for dinner, which should be good.. I've made twice as much as I need, so that I can have the rest for lunches during the week. It didn't include as many ingredients as it ought to, on account of my power going out over the weekend, and the contents of my fridge going bad.. Fortunately, enough is still good that I've been able to cook something pretty good.. we'll just have to see :o)

Anyway, I've cleaned the fridge, cleaned the kitchen, prepared my food, shaved off every last hair on my face (I think), and now it's time to watch some surreal TV before bed :o)

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"The last big hurdle is meeting her old school friends (of which there are five main ones).."

Um, six, actually...Irfan was back in Brighton, so he couldn't make it either :oP

You sound like a pretty decent guy for someone who might be some famous celebrity [I guess Tom Cruise would have a decent journal too I suppose] I am still assuming that you're a star somewhere...although I could be stupidly wrong.

Ooh, can you see any other similarities between him and Tom Cruise? Only, he's a really big fan (he's practically modeled himself on the man), so I'm sure he'd greatly appreciate anything that you can come up with...

Tom Cruise is my boy.. although he'd better treat Katie right.

you and james remind me of a prince & princess..
...and they lived happily ever after :]

Thank you, that's very sweet :o)

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