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That was fun..

I figured that I don't like many of you, so I slashed my friends list.. Try not to take it personally, even though it's probably indicative of the fact that you suck..

(note: I only mean that for about half of you. You can guess which half you're in)

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*nods* no probs.., I still read your posts anyway.

I'm not even ON your list, but I still read your shit. It's pretty interesting sometimes.

i'm doing a wild guess that you're some actor or singer or least someone famous [from the user pics and the amount of 'also friends of'... i've added you too but it's okay if you don't add back.

By day, I'm all three. At night, I put on a spandex outfit and I fight crime. You probably think I'm famous because there's a series of highly successful movies based on my life.

haha *cough* haha

if you say so [hope the spandex isn't too tight]

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