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Weird.. I've just found out that Amy and Leela in Futurama are played by Julie from Friends and Helen (as in Locke's girlfriend) from Lost respectively.. And Fry is played by the guy who did the voice for Zim in the pilot episode.. It's all very odd..

Yesterday was rather good.. Went to see Placebo in London, which turned out to be a little more travel than I expected.. Two hours to Reading, another two to London, followed by many hours of waiting around, then a 90 minute set, and then another two hours of travel back.. And yet, every second was worth it..

It had been over a week since I'd last seen Naomi, which used to be pretty much commonplace, but lately we've not had to go through that.. In the last six months, I don't think we've spent more than three consecutive nights apart, so the nine nights over the last couple of weeks kind of sucked.. Which meant that every single second we spent together was just awesome :o)

Ooh, and we found Cadbury's Creme Egg Bars, which are cool.. it's all the yummyness of a creme egg, but without the inevitable mess I make of myself ;o) Not sure why I've only found them in one place, but if I find any more, I'm buying a huge load of them and freezing them.. Then I can have them whenever I want, until next Easter comes around and they're back in the shops again..

In other news, the diet is coming along well ;o)

Anyhow, the gig was quite good.. There were quite a few songs that I knew, which is always nice, and I enjoyed them lots.. :o) The support bands were kind of rubbish, but then they often are.. Though to be honest, the highlight of the gig was leaving at the end. The venue is at the top of a park on a hill, and has fantastic views across London.. You could see just about everything, all lit up.. It was probably one of the best views I've ever seen :o)

Anyhow, it's back to work for a half-day today, and a full day tomorrow, and then I get a four day weekend with Naomi.. which is pretty great :o)

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I was at that very same gig....

You absolute muppet, you should've mentioned it on your journal.. Just because I don't reply to your endless "I'm going to see [insert useless metal band], who wants to come?" posts doesn't mean I don't read it ;o)

The last mention of Placebo on your journal was referring to the leaked copy of the album (which I got..). Whereas I mentioned it a couple of days ago. So it's all your fault.

Now you'll just have to come to Cardiff. Ha :o)

Was in london and from Friday so pretty much "computer silenced" :oP

... and wasn't the Kate Bush cover the very highlight...

The who what now? If this is a reference to the incredibly poor support bands, forgive me, I tuned them out.. ;o)

... the first song of the encore, was a cover of the Kate Bush song "Running Up The Hill (A Deal With God)". Support was godawful nu-indie...

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Oh goody.. three shows I never watch.. ;o)

(Deleted comment)
Yeah, I noticed that Billy West has done just about everything, though it's only really Zim that interests me.. I mean great, he's done Looney Tunes, but you couldn't tell to listen to it, so why care? :o)

I think I was dimly aware when Futurama started that it was the woman out of Married With Children, but since I never really watched that show (or indeed anything else with her in) I didn't care much.. I think Lost is the first other thing she's been in that I actually have an interest in..

I've come to realise just how good Futurama is, especially compared to The Simpsons. There are two episodes which can bring me to tears, the Fry/Leela relationship actually makes me feel things (unlike the dull, interchangeable nonsense that The Simpsons puts out), and the characters are much better. I find that Zoidberg is kind of like Millhouse, in that unpopular loser role, except that he's actually funny.. It's hard to believe the two things are in any way related..

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