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This morning was good, though it's hard to pinpoint exactly why..

It was just one of those mornings where you feel like God is looking right at you, and smiling. He's possibly giving you the thumbs up too, though not in a 'buddy Christ' way.. The sun was shining, birds were singing, even the train ride to work was more than pleasant..

It's just nice when your week starts off on the right footing.. Of course, from tomorrow it'll be raining, which rather undermines the whole thing.. especially since I'm off to London to see Placebo - in that weather, I don't really fancy going off exploring, as I usually would.. Oh well, not to worry - it's not like I'm going just for the exploring anyway :o)

So yeah, overall life has left me feeling quite upbeat today.. :o)

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Placebo in London. Damn you. And damn the dissertation that means such excursions are off-limits for me just now...

Interesting. The "today's a good day" vibe seems to have become that thing that's going around today...I'm feeling it too, for once.

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