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Mew are the musical reincarnation of Dubstar. With an incomprehensible Danish twist..

Flower laugh at you here
Can you tell me
Exactly how I should have done

Flower twice with your eyes closed
Do you ever
Inflate them one to play my knees

I know you
And I know it take your mum to make me smile

Flower bland jelly go!
I'll have you know
It's you and me potentially

Flower dump on the carpet
From underneath
Indifference is killing me

Am I wry?
Um, ah
For the sea, for the ceiling
Am I wry?

I know you
And I know you're not afraid to slay the knees

Diamond Ring
Diamond Ring
But you can't find your clothes tonight

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Gee, and here I was thinking that lyrics of that quality could be found only in the songs of Cibo Matto...

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