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To want and deserve it..
At the risk of angering the Gods, I have to say that I tend to land on my feet in just about everything I do.. I can't claim to know why that is - mostly I just put it down to being lucky.. In any case, it's a pretty awesome trend.

I started my new job yesterday, and it looks like the sort of thing I'll really enjoy.. Under any other circumstances, I'd either be doing campaign selections through some fancy software, or I'd be doing them by copying and pasting code. Neither of those interest me much. Fortunately, in this particular job, I'm taking the code and turning it into fancy software. There's no solid process in place, so I might use my l33t Lean Manufacturing experience to design one, based on the existing framework.. The point is, this job looks like being a lot of fun..

In other happy news, this diet thing seems to be working.. Another thing to put down to luck, I guess.. In theory, the number of cereal bars and pop tarts I get through for breakfast and brunch should be fattening me up, but I'm shedding the pounds instead.. My metabolism seems so used to eating up tons of sugar (in days gone by) that it can handle just about anything.. This is demonstrated by the fact that my body is virtually a heater.. A couple of weeks ago I broke down through the 200lbs barrier, and as of this morning I'm less than 14st.. A bit of maths reveals that I'm on a steady 1-2lbs per week reduction, which is pretty much what I'm aiming for.. The odd thing is that my diet and exercise regimes have been rather relaxed this last week.. Oh well, no complaints :o)

So yeah, now I'm on the train to work, going to a job I enjoy, thinner than I've been in months.. Lucky or not, I'm certainly grateful..

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You fail to realise that pop tarts consist solely of industrial strength cardboard and badger earwax, serving only to spead TB rather than your waistline.

P.S you're a fluky bastard, nothing more.

I prefer to think that all events revolve around me, and that the universe assesses an event's absolute success by looking at my relative satisfaction.

And be forewarned - currently, the event I'm most looking forward to is nuclear meltdown at your plant. Do you think you're luckier than me? ;o)

askmeanything inquiry

Hi! Jst wondering what the community policy is on user icons... I know people have gotten upset about some icons in the past and I know there is one being used by ohh_rissa at the moment that is quite offensive to some people... Could someone clarify the icon "rules" a bit?? Thanks!

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