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Found a flat :o)
We've paid the agency fees on a new flat.. It's actually next door to the current one, which means moving should be pretty easy.. And it means that we stay close to the city centre, and on the bus routes..

It's actually a really nice place.. It's on two floors of the building - downstairs there's a large living room, large kitchen/dining room, and a bathroom with a proper electric shower.. Which will be something of a relief after this place.. Then upstairs there are two large bedrooms (one of which will become a study), with sloping ceilings and windows with views.. Not sure what sorts of views, but given that I currently live in a basement, that's not really a problem :o)

So yeah, I'm really happy about the place.. And the fact that it's so close means that moving in is going to be a simple case of just popping things over there, one at a time, which means we can make sure everything gets unpacked properly, and that there are homes for all our stuff.. Moving in on July 1st, so still another three and a half months, but still, it's exciting :o)

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(Deleted comment)
Because the place is twice the size, far nicer, and isn't a basement flat..

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