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Please, idiots, post remarks here.

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so this is ok ?

history work.. [19 Mar 2006|03:45pm]

what were the televisions effects on presidential elections?

i googled, but i got nothing helpful.

Re: so this is ok ?

Yes. That's absolutely fine.

Re: so this is ok ?

how so?
that's the same thing i posted.
and there's absolutely no reason to be rude and call someone an idiot.

Re: so this is ok ?

But you are. Did you even notice how many comments you've left in my journal in the last five minutes? If I had any sympathy left for you, you've destroyed it.

Well done, idiot.

Re: so this is ok ?

I left those comments for evidence.
you're just an asshole.

and then there's this person

Class Project [15 Mar 2006|07:42pm]


I am doing a project for my statistics class in which I have to collect data and organize it into charts and explain the data. Well, in order to collect the data, i turn to the LJ community as its easier for me than actually sitting for hours in the student center of my school asking people. The data i'm trying to collect is your average cell phone bill. For me, my bill varies from like 60-90 each month, so just a quick guess would be $75 a month average for myself. If as many people as possible can do that and post their amount, I would most appreciative.
There were 15 of you who dared to answer me| Dare to answer me ?

Re: and then there's this person

That's not asking for his homework to be done. That's asking for people to participate in a study he was doing.

You want to know what my problem is? I don't mind people asking for suggestions, or advice, that sort of thing is fine.. So long as that person learns something, you know?

What pisses me off is posting multiple choice questions. That, above all else, is just lazy beyond belief.

Re: and then there's this person

you try to find the answers and see how far down at the end of the rope you get.

Re: and then there's this person

Try learning the fucking material, idiot. If you don't know the material well enough to be able to answer the question, you don't deserve to get the question right. This is rather fundamental to the concept of education, if you don't get it, there's something wrong.

PLEASE TAKE PITY! [14 Mar 2006|07:11pm]


Hey, I've got quite a few questions for you guys. :-D I'm a psych student doing research for my Senior Thesis. My team needs some pilot data on this new measure, so please, if you are in a relationship currently, could you take a few minutes to review this?! Your data is completely anonymous and will be destroyed as soon as testing is done. If you want results email me and i'll give them to you after our study is done. For the purposes of this study, 1 is a low score and 6 is a high score (example question #1, 1=not happy, 6=very happy). In #s 10 and 11, 1='never met him/her' and 6=love him/her. any questions, please comment

( survey behind cut )

See previous response - asking for participation in a study is not the same as asking somebody to tell you what the answer to your multiple choice question is.

You're a fucking moron, that's what.

Her homework is to ask people these questions, and then write a paper on it.

She's asking us questions. Which is what she's supposed to do.
And she's writing the paper herself.

That's her homework. If she wanted us to write her paper for her, she'd get baleeted harder than you.

i'm done with it and you should be too.

An inferior cleaning product to Cillit Bang

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