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Songs I love..
I wonder if it's like explaining a joke - the act of thinking about it defeats the point.. In any case, I have 1,995 SQL queries running consecutively in the background, and it's taking a while, so I think I'll think about the songs I've been listening to lately..

One of my favourite things about music is that tingle that a really good song gives.. And thinking about it, I've been mostly getting those from the vocals lately.. There was a time when guitar parts of songs meant more, but these days I find it hard to remember what it was I liked so much about them..

So in order that I don't forget why I liked the songs I like right now, I feel I ought to actually write down what it is about them that makes me tingle..

The Beautiful South - I Think the Answer's Yes
One of my favourite things in music is where two different vocal parts overlap and come together. Sum 41 were actually quite good at that, managing to come up with vocal harmonies while each person was singing a different lyric. In the case of this song, it's the fact that the chorus is sung over the top of a repeating lyric, which it manages to rhyme with. The repeated line "I think the answer's yes" rhymes with "..where the leaders finally confess", which is just a rather interesting device..

Easyworld - You Were Right
The end of this song has, I think, three different vocal parts (though one isn't lyrics as such).. The combination of the outtro effect from the lead, the bridge from the backing (to the tune of the intro of an earlier demo of the song), and the general 'ooh' sounds just really does it for me..

Easyworld - Goodnight
Again, it's the end of the song here.. Just something about the energy behind it, the reverb effect that's used at one point, and the fact that it mirrors the beginning of the album..

Erasure - Let's Take One More Rocket to the Moon
I have a problem with music, in that sometimes I hear what should be there, not what is there.. When I first heard Ash - A Life Less Ordinary, the way I heard the chorus was actually in harmony to the way it actually went, even though there was only one vocal part. For some reason, I just heard different notes because they fit with my idea of how the music ought to go. This Erasure song is the same - on the last word of a couple of lines in the chorus, the key drops by about an octave, but I have a really hard time actually hearing it. In my head, the song carries on with the note that should be there, which tends to end up with my head singing in harmony with my ears.. The overall effect of which is awesome :o)

Feeder - Just the Way I'm Feeling
I don't know if this counts, because it's more about the rhythm than the vocals, but I'll give it a shot anyway.. It's something about the way the chorus builds up momentum - the lines "And I feel it's going down" and "Ten feet below the ground" are both followed by pauses, making them feel rather disjointed.. But then "I'm waiting for your healing hand" and "One touch could bring me round" kind of follow on from each other (probably because 'hand' is sung longer).. In any case, I like it :o)

Feeder - Yesterday Went Too Soon
Simple - the line "I know it's just a dream but I'm alive" has been one of my favourite parts of any song for the last six and a half years.. When I worked in Durham in 1999 I used to listen to this song on my discman until I fell asleep, and on the five hour journey home this song spent a majority of that time on a one-track loop.. It's possible I've listened to this song more than any other in my life, now that I think about it..

Radiohead - Let Down
In theory this should be simple, but it's hard to put my finger on it.. The bridge type bit certainly makes me tingle, but lately it's more about the words "hanging around" in the chorus, and what the bell-type-instrument in the background is doing.. The vocals and instruments combined do something that I can't even remotely begin to explain, but it's awesome..

Ash - Sometimes
Now this one I can pinpoint.. The first chorus is just once through, nice and simple. The second chorus goes through twice, and in the second pass through it drops to a minor chord which I really like in conjunction with the vocals. Then in the third one, it goes through twice, but there's no minor chord, and the drums seem to kick in that little bit harder, to emphasise it being slightly more upbeat.. Basically, each chorus has something cool that the previous one didn't have..

Mew - Comforting Sounds
I can't even begin to explain this one.. The entire second half of the song makes my soul tingle, the eight minute album version even moreso (which is why I try not to listen to it too much - when you find a song you like as much as this, you don't want to ruin it).. I don't think there's anything specific I could possibly pinpoint.. it's all just very very good..

Anyway, enough of that.. my queries still aren't finished, but I have other things to do now (as per my schedule from the other day..)


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