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I think I'm cured of certain bad habits I used to have.. Specifically, the urge to consume junk food.

I've just found out that a whole large pepperoni pizza from Dominos contains an entire day's worth of calories - ouch! But it's more about the price than anything else - these days, I'm actually being careful with money (which is something of a culture shock).. At somewhere around £12, it has occurred to me just how much I could buy for that..

Off the top of my head, I could make myself over 2kg of beef bolognese sauce, enough pasta to go with every single meal that that would produce, plus sufficient leftovers of tomato and pasta to make lunches for a week. All for the cost of a single pizza. So with that in mind, I'm fairly confident that I won't be ordering myself any pizza any time soon - hooray! Plus, for £2 I can make my own pizza, with tons of crushed chilli etc. on it.

Of course, it does taste good.... ;o)

Last night was a bit of an unwelcome adventure.. There was a wasp in the bedroom, which given the harsh conditions Cardiff has seen this winter can be one of two things..

1. It had been living in Naomi's old house, feeding on whatever crap her housemates left lying around to fester, and managed to survive through the winter even though there is no evolutionary advantage to a wasp having such longevity.

2. It was a queen

To be honest, option 1 would be preferable since at least it would mean that there's no chance of a nest anywhere nearby.. Still, I don't know how social insects work when their queen is killed before hatching - I'd imagine they find themselves unable to function properly, which would be good..

So yes, the next ten minutes were spent trying to work out the best way to kill the thing without pissing it off, which isn't that easy to do. Eventually we decided on air freshner, since that's what I used last summer to deal with crane flies (daddy longlegs).. My thinking at the time was that the decompression of the aerosol is endothermic, which should stun / slow the target, and that at close enough range the gas condenses, rendering wings inoperable. Oh, plus it probably suffocates them.

Before I continue, I should point out that I feel an enormous amount of guilt every time I kill something, whether it's a spider, wasp or daddy longlegs.. I really don't like doing it, but sometimes there just isn't any other way - especially with something that will either sting you, or just fly into your face in the night..

Eventually we managed to kill it - Naomi sprayed it at a distance with the freshner until it became slightly dazed, at which point it opted to land. Big mistake, and I blasted it at point blank range until it stopped moving. Then we managed to trap it in a glass, at which point it started wriggling, in that way that reminds you that you're torturing an animal to death. One trip to the toilet later, and it was gone. Guilt and relief followed in equal measures.

So yes, interesting way to spend our first night of properly living together.. Let's hope the future is less sting-y ;o)

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See, I thought about the possibility about there being a nest near by, but I don't remember having seen a single wasp here last summer/autumn...If there had been a nest near by, surely we would have come accross a few? And I very much doubt that the thing had been living in my house for the winter...And even if it had, I have a hard believing that we were lucky enough to avoid it waking up when we handled whatever it may have been on/deciding to attack us in the car...That's just not the way it works!

I reckon it just saw that the window was open and the light was on and decided to have a little fun with the lightbulb.

God that thing was horrible...

Bah. I can't even be bothered to try and correct all the mistakes in that comment...I've just finished the first question for my essay and my brain is screaming...

Yeah, that was weird, because I don't think I've ever seen wasps be especially attracted to light before.. not like that, anyway..

And yes, I have a hard time believing there's a nest around, just because we didn't see any in September, when you'd think they'd still be around.. Oh well, probably just a stray :o)

I have a hard believing that we were lucky enough to avoid it waking up when we handled whatever it may have been on/deciding to attack us in the car

But it didn't want to attack you.. it just wanted to look at you ;o)

*shudder* Damn you, I'd forgotten about the way it stared at me...If I didn't know better, I'd think that it had been taking tips from you ;o)


I don't do it in a threatening way :o(

You just deserve it, that's all :o)

you big drama queen.

I may be wrong, but I think this time of year is too early for them to have nested. Probably just came out of hibernation, or whatever it is big ugly wasps do in lofts.

You pair of giant wet lettuces. Just hit it with a magazine/newspaper dependent on availability and be done with it.

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