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Oh dear, BBC..

"Final approval for US Patriot Act"

That's just sloppy reporting, it's the USA PATRIOT Act, it's an acronym. I put up with it when people just refer to it as "The Patriot Act", but it kind of bugs me when the article doesn't actually mention the name of the act, yet it manages to come so very close.. It's just one of those things that I'd expect the BBC (that I pay for) to do better on..

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My current pet peeve is when they're announcing a football match or some other sporting event on tv, and they say "Fish United vee Spoon City". The word is versus. Speak English.

Oh and the colour of your comment boxes makes it impossible to see the cursor, damnit. Of course considering the past fifteen minutes probably constitutes more commenting on your journal than I have done in the past 6 months it may no be worth your while changing it ;)

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