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Synergistic Paradigms..
We use a lot of buzzwords at work, and some of them I don't entirely understand.. Apparently, we need to 'walk the cube' more, in order to solve our 'burning platform' problem. Personally, I have never seen a sign that said "In case of fire, walk cubically", but it's possible that I've lived a sheltered life.

What's worse is those words that I do understand. In the last month, we've been told that we've 'found the handbrake', and that we've 'turned the corner'. To me this implies a rather haphazard approach to driving, suggesting that perhaps the driver is inebriated. I'm not sure exactly what that metaphor says about the business, but it does not inspire me with confidence.

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.. "walk the cube" ?

Oh dear.

Who comes up with these...buzzwords...? It's scary to know that living human beings actually think this way.

hello, you banned me from ask me anything and i really don't think your logic is justified. in reference to the anthrax thing i was joking...and about my question i was not asking for any illegal methods. my question was vague but the responses were taken too seriously.

You know, I'm not James, but I have a feeling the part of the community description you're looking for goes a bit like this:

This community is not a democracy. It is a malevolent dictatorship, where whimsical abuse of power is to be expected. Don't say you weren't warned, because I won't care"

i realize this but i thought i'd try anyway.

Hi!! I'm from Ask Me Anything... I just thought you might want to know that the person with the "sexual" userpic is still posting with it...http://community.livejournal.com/ask_me_anything/3139199.html.. I know there was an issue brought up about it so I figured I'd pass this on for ya... Sorry If I bothered you...-Erin-

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