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The vacation is over..
When dance with waif, and whirlwind wheel too fast, and smash and snap and break in hands ee beauty. Now you crumple low, while vitri-holics scold you whimpering rump...

... And when light switch be your only friend, and okay, friends are fine, but Christ, don't stand all day no break for lunch, and flick your friend 'til fingers throbbing, blisters leak and contact voltage smack you brains like squashball, E.C.Tee hee hee...

... Then welcome.

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You are a paedophile. You are a nonce. You're a perv. You're a slot badger. You're a two pin din plug. You're a bush dodger. You're a small bean regarder. You're a unabummer. You're a nut administrator. You're a bent ref. You're "The Crazy World of Arthur Brown". You're a fence vole. You're a free willy. You're a chimney bottler. You're a bunty man. You're a shrub rocketeer.

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