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(no subject)
I got a really wonderful surprise when I got home :D

I walked in the door to find the room lit by candles, with the roses I bought for Naomi in a vase on the table, and a lovely dinner cooked for me and waiting :o)

It was just really sweet, because I was coming home expecting to cook her a nice Valentines meal, and I hadn't even considered the idea that she might do that, because she's a little 'bah humbug' about the whole day.. but apparently, I was mistaken about that. So yay :o)

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Well that really makes me feel better about my night at a pub quiz with a married couple :p

If you get lonely enough, I'm sure David's always up for a bit of sympathy gayness ;o)

Wow. I guess some people still do the romantic stuff on V-Day.

That does make you her bitch, though.

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