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(no subject)
This whole diet thing is sort of going okay.. I've restarted it from today, and I'm actually doing okay..

Breakfast was a large serving of bran flakes, a third of a pint of milk, and canderel - total 450 calories.

Lunch (plus afternoon snacks) consisted of apples, a smoothie, pringles, a flapjack, and a cup of hot chocolate.. Total of 750 calories.

Which leaves me on target.. The aim is to use half of my allotted 2500 calories during the day, and the other half for dinner. Though the theory is that dinner is unlikely to come to 1,300 calories - several days last week I must have come well under the 2500..

Then there's the exercise.. On Saturday night, I managed to clock up enough calories on the exercise bike that it started back from zero again.. I'm fairly sure that overall I hit about 1.1 megacalories, which isn't bad. It was basically an hour's solid riding, in which time I did 30 miles, so I'm pretty pleased with that.. If I'm eating 2.5k calories and burning off an extra 1k calories each day, then I'm going to be shedding those extra pounds in no time :o)

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Nice work. If only all fat people would take losing weight as seriously. Stick at it, and not only will you be svelte, but you'll have buff cycling legs like mine (but presumably with less hair).

So your legs are abominably hairy, but your balls are hairless...Doesn't that look rather ridiculous?

I doubt he'd know.. it's hardly like women are queuing up to give him constructive criticism on the state of his genitals..

Why do you imagine that my balls have no hair? Does James know you think about my nether regions?

For the record, no, they're just as bad as the legs if not worse. I was convinced to keep it trim down there for a brief while but at this precise moment I see no advantage.

Ah, I see.. when last we discussed your genitals, they were trim - obviously a lack of women has discouraged you.. ;o)

Have you thought about an all-over wax?

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