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When hypocrisy turns to irony..

"[Malaysian Prime Minister] Abdullah Badawi, seen as promoting a moderate form of Islam in largely Muslim Malaysia, said many Westerners saw Muslims as congenital terrorists."

"'Long live Islam. Destroy Denmark. Destroy Israel. Destroy George Bush. Destroy America,' protesters shouted as they marched to the Danish embassy in the rain from a nearby mosque."

Tell me I'm not the only one who sees the sheer hilarity here.. And in all fairness, Muslims often see Westerners as congenital imperialists, so fair's fair.. And then there's this wonderful quote:

"The West should treat Islam the way it wants Islam to treat the West and vice versa - they should accept one another as equals"

But the West wants the relationship to be one of jovial irreverence, and Islam wants the relationship to be one of enforced respect.. Compromise doesn't actually work like that.. Oh, and for more hypocrisy..

"The demonisation of Islam and the vilification of Muslims, there is no denying, is widespread within mainstream Western society."

Look what happens when you change a couple of words..

"The demonisation of Israel and the vilification of Jews, there is no denying, is widespread within mainstream Muslim society."

Oh look! That's true as well! Ladies and gentlemen, we live in a world full of pots and kettles..

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Anyone for a crusade?

Pots and kettles, pots and kettles! Black as black can be!

And still they call each other on it. >_>

Although, saying anything about a religion that a seventh of the population of the world belongs to and it's going to be a generalisation...

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