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Went to Brighton
Just come back... Ah, what fun I had.... Went with my family, to go to Pizza Hut. Had yummy pizza. Took them to the station, showed them where that was, and then showed them where my flat was in relation to it. While outside the flat, admiring it, the chick who showed me around those two times arrived home, and invited us in to see it. So I got to show my parents our flat for next year - they were (I think) impressed. The cat was there too - the little cute black kitten - I love that thing :o). And I think they were also impressed with North Laine - I know I was...

We then came back to Uni. In the car on the way back, my mother started crying with laughter, after a series of rather bad jokes from various people. Anyhow, we finally calmed her down before we got back to Uni (after a detour to Lewes to check out supermarket facilities and such)... We then listened to some Bill Hicks and some Blink 182, before my family left to go home. 'twas a good day...

Anyhow, more later...

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A day out in Brighton

Yes we were impressed with the house. Close to the station & shops, and not that far from the sea. Almost perfect! You'll just have to learn to be tidy, so it stays looking nice :-)

As for North Laines - just the sort of place to wander around at a leisurely pace, thinking (& in your case James I mean thinking) "I wouldn't mind one of those, oh and a couple of those. Ooh those look interesting......". But just to reiterate James YOU CAN'T AFFORD IT!!!.

It was a good day for us too. Nice to see you.

BTW Phone Thame

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